Sean Ndebele

Account Manager

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As a long-time sports administration professional, Sean has diverse experience serving in various roles in men’s and women’s sport.

He has worked in collegiate athletics, professional sports, recreational sports, and the non-profit space. His experience includes roles with entities in the WNBA, Big Ten, MLS, and the NHL. As a multifaceted sports professional, Sean has helped lead elite organizations in developing and executing a wide range of functions such as: non-profit management, community and public relations, fundraising, operations and administration, and marketing.

Sean is a fervent proponent of the power of sport and has a demonstrated history of intersecting sport and philanthropy to leverage it as social impact tool. He has been able to combine his passion for sport and charity to conduct initiatives that support social justice, gender equity, education, sustainability, health/wellness, and other altruistic causes. Sean holds a master’s degree in Professional Sports Administration from Northeastern University and a bachelor’s degree in Sport Communication from Indiana University.

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