Rosanna Post

Business Development Manager

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Rosanna’s experience has been a smorgasbord of sports marketing, new business, behaviour change strategies and political communications. It’s this range of experience which landed her at thinkBeyond as their Business Development Lead. She describes thinkBeyond as the place she didn’t think she’d find – a place where she could combine the power of sport and social impact into one. And can’t quite believe she gets to do it for a living.

Rosanna came to thinkBeyond after working in marketing for a global sports streaming service, prior to that working in new business for a global marketing agency. But she couldn’t ignore that niggle around making more of a purposeful impact on the world which had started in her prior roles as a parliamentary researcher and behaviour change consultant. The best thing about it is Rosanna gets to hear those same niggles from the organisations and brands that come to us for support and help them take action. She get’s to understand that same drive they have to make a positive impact on their business and society they operate in and make that happen with the help of thinkBeyond.

Rosanna is an average sports player but an advanced sports fan. Loves football chants, cries at every sporting event going – for which she blames her dad (who does it too).

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