Our People

Nick Keller

Founder and President

Radha Balani

Co-Managing Director

Sam Shave

Co-Managing Director

Dr Susie Tomson

Director of Sustainability

Lauren Werry

Director of Production

Karen Asare

Director of Content & Communications

Rowena Luscombe

Head of Account Management

Ben Pilbeam

Head of Talent Management

Fred Turner

Consulting Advisor

Karen Smith

Management Accountant

Rosanna Post

Business Development Manager

Mieke Evans

Senior Account Manager

Sophie Ray

Senior Account Manager

Lisa Markey

Senior Account Manager

Joanna Leigh

Sustainability Consultant

Zahra Khamisa

Account Manager

Peter Speight

Account Manager

Sean Ndebele

Account Manager

Sam Paine

Sustainability Account Manager

Abby West

Grants and Programmes Manager

Ushma Makwana

Content Manager

Lauren Lamb

Account Executive

Lauren Keller

Sustainability Account Executive

Joe Brooke Barnett

Junior Talent Executive

How we began

The world is changing, and expectations of organisations and their leaders have changed too. Every organisation has a responsibility not just to shareholders, but to society, to employees, to the environment, and to generally making the world a better place.

We anticipated this shift more than a decade ago when we launched thinkBeyond. We wanted to help organisations understand this shift, uncover their greater purpose and to deliver business gains; at the same time as enhancing their positive impact on the world. We are proud of thinkBeyond’s position at the intersection of social change and business growth and our history of helping clients around the world.

Our journey is rooted in sport; harnessing its unique power to engage communities, transcend boundaries and to bring about social change. Our abilities attracted some of the world’s best-known brands who wanted to use sport to improve society, and some of the world’s best-known sports organisations and athletes to use their influence to improve the world.

Bloomberg, Unilever, Disney, ESPN, NFL, SAP and the IOC are just a handful of the organisations we’ve worked with to help translate their desire to help society into tangible impact across the world. The need to align business and social change is even more profound today, and a decade later we continue to lead the way for our clients.

Our network of over 3,000 organisations in more than 150 countries is our strength, ranging from specialist NGOs to some of the world’s most influential brands. Our close bond with our network gives us unrivalled insight into what is needed on the ground, and ability to act quickly and impactfully throughout the world. 

Our team of experts, together with our global network and over a decade of knowledge to guide and shape our thinking, contributes to unique solutions. We can offer comprehensive support throughout the journey, from creating strategy, to implementing it, and evaluating and communicating its impact.

Purpose is important. Impact is vital. We support organisations who want to make the world a better place and the only way to do this is if all we think beyond the usual.

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